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Kids birthday wish comes true, his own personal super trampoline park with the funk bros!

Picked up the beau bros and my cousin tyler funk and went to tempest to surprise a fan! Complete disbelief when he first realized it, his dad was just as stoked. Taught little 10 year old Issac some new trampoline tricks for him to take back to Canada. He learned a total of 5 new tricks! Stoked on some new combos to show you guys, the beau bros do their own 'do your dares' video. You'll see where i get pranked. I built Issac his very own obstacle course with a slide and a mini trampoline! Javi the instructor safely threw Issac off the top of the wall into the foam pit! Ended it with this kid learning a new trick on the wall it was awesome seeing the look on his face!

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